An award-winning laboratory at your service

Economic studies confirm and give a measure of the importance of acquiring new skills, technologies and knowledges; industries that invest in R&D receive a 10 to 15% rate of return, some studies show that the rate of return “can be as high as 30%” (Rachel Griffith, How Important is Business R&D for Economic Growth and Should the Government Subsidise).

This is essential to keep an edge over competitors in the market that will last in time, R&D is also the part of the Company that is in charge of focusing on long terms plans and share its vision to the other departments.

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

A brand new R&D laboratory has been established with the best machinery and technology in our production facility to keep up with the internal development trend and new products innovation to ensure those goals. It was conceived as the Sancta Sanctorum of the company, the team of engineers in charge continuously absorb the new knowledge from markets to keep in line and anticipate Customers demands and pass them to the teams in charge of production, sales and marketing.

Studying the new technology, importing the latest equipment and implementing the most advanced technical innovations, we are expanding our market and setting up our own product innovations.